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food innovatORS STORIES

One of the Future Food Institute’s  cornerstones is the Food Innovation Global Mission. Every year the institute sends the  student-researchers of the "Food Innovation Program" on a global research exploration. The program is a second level  international master’s on Food Innovation managed by  UNIMORE, the Future Food Institute and the  Institute for the Future in Palo Alto. The young talents take part in   this two-month mission visiting the main food hubs of the world, from Mumbai in India to Shanghai in China, from New York to Valencia all the way through to  Silicon Valley. They explore companies, startups, fablabs, makers, universities, research centers, scientific clusters and technology. This is all in order to achieve a deeper understanding of  sustainability nutrition, new technologies and innovations in the food sector. In addition the mission strengthens the links between the world of education, the world of research and innovation and the business world. Most importantly it  trains young talents to become " future food leaders ".

One of the takeaways from this unique world-wide trip is a collection of four books written by the Future Food Institute researchers, affiliated professors and knowledge partners. The books reflect the four research topics followed throughout the mission, describing a discovery journey through the eyes of eager and savvy students.. Each book dives into a specific topic (The future of Proteins; Food Care and New Food Services; Agro-innovation in Smart Cities; Scalable Sustainability and Circular Systems), providing an overall background on the main challenges the industry is facing, as well as presenting  most promising innovators and projects. A series of stories are therefore illustrated by the students, to culminate in policy recommendations and guidelines the institute’s global view is enabling us to deduce.

Authors - Book #1 The Future of Proteins

Research Leads

Daniela Barile, Professor and Chemist, Food Science and Technology, UC Davis

Research Supporters

Elisa Beneventi: PhD in BioScience and Biotechnology and Research Scientist

Food Innovation Program Research Fellows: co-authors

Auriane Borremans (Belgium) Hotel and Tourism management and Culinary Leadership Innovation expert
Anusha Murthy (India): Engineer
Lise Van Wijk (South Africa): Food Scientist

Authors - Book #2 Food Care and Food Service

Research Leads

Peter Klosse, Founder, Academie voor Gastronomie

Research Supporters

Claudia Pellacani: biologist with PhD in Toxicology and Master in Forensic Science.

Food Innovation Program Research Fellows: co-authors

Alejandra Ramirez Troncoso (Colombia): Designer

Ashleigh Jade Forster (South Africa): Food Scientist

Christopher Howard Paige (USA): Food Expert Lawyer

Kerong Wang (China): Biotechnologist with specialization in Toxicology

Authors - Book#3 Scalable Sustainability and Circular Systems

Research Leads

Steven Finn, Affiliated Faculty, University of Pennsylvania

Research Supporters

Francesca Recanati: PhD in Information Technology and Researchers at BCFN Foundation

Food Innovation Program Research Fellows: co-authors

Bernadette Nikole Maligalig (Philippines): Food Scientist

Diana Moreno (Colombia): Designer

Elizabeth Yorke (India): Culinary Artist

Farah Al-nahhas (Jordan): Culinary Artist

Authors - Book#4 Agro-Innovation in Smart Cities

Research Leads

Maria Carmela Annosi, Assistant Professor of Innovation Management and Organizational Behavior at School of Social Sciences, Wageningen University

Research Supporters

Tarek Soliman:  agroecologist with diverse background in disciplines related to food and agriculture.

Food Innovation Program Research Fellows: co-authors

Julia Dalmadi (Hungary): Food Entrepreneur

Ladeji Abimbola (Nigeria): Psychologist

Murray Elphick (South Africa): ood Scientist

Zachary Porges (USA): Food International Entrepreneur

Food Institute: co-authors

Sara Roversi, Future Food Institute Founder

Matteo Vignoli, Food Innovation Program Academic Director

Chiara Cecchini, Future Food Americas, Director

Claudia Laricchia, Future Food 4 Climate Change Coordinator

Tommaso Alberini, Future Food, Policy Expert


Future Food Institute: editors

Jesse Dart,  Anthropologist, writer and journalist


Future Food Institute: contributors

Karla Gonzales, Future Food LATAM, Coordinator

Vincenzo Di Maria, Food Innovation Program Academic Coordinator

Simona Grande, Food Innovation Program and Global Mission Students Coordinator

Beatriz Jacoste, Food Innovation Global Mission Coordinator


Future Food Institute: creative team

Chhavi Jatwani, Designer and Art Director Future Food Institute

Alma Zorra Guerra Milutinovic, Photographer

Denise Admiraal, Photographer