"FOOD MAKERS: A journey around the future of food"


The food innovation documentary

We live in an ever-growing society, what we eat and how we produce affects the whole life of our planet. Over 2 billion people is affected by food scarcity and over 1 billion suffer from obesity and overweight.

The world, as we know it, needs a change and this is directly related to education. To discover and study how the food of the future will be, fifteen students of the Food Innovation Program in Reggio Emilia, have traveled ten cites (Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Singapore, Kyoto, San Francisco, Boston, Amsterdam, London, Bologna). They met people and institutions who are shaping the future of our food system.

A troupe of five people followed the students throughout the trip, interviewing selected food heroes, carving out a unique documentary.



FOOD MAKERS. A journey around the future of food.


45 min


Chapter 1: Think Different!

Chapter 2: Waste to Taste

Chapter 3: The Protein Challenge

Chapter 4: Food Care

Chapter 5: Edu-Farming

Chapter 6: Tech for Food


Director and Editing: Enrica Cavalli

Author and Co-Director: Nicola (Nick) Difino

Producer: Future Food Institute

Co-producer: Future Food Americas

Project Manager and Coordinator: Chiara Cecchini


Michael Bakker,  Google Food Program

Jan English Lueck, San Jose State University

Cathryn Couch, Ceres Community

Greg Dresher, Culinary Institute of America 

Ralph Eradus, Maison Von Den Boe

Peter Klosse, Hotel Gastronomique De Echoput

Stephen Ritz, Green Bronx Machine

David Rosemberg, AeroFarms

Kevin Watt, Tomkat Ranch

Lou Yongqi, Tongji University 

Peggy Liu, JUCCCE

Matthew Lange, UC Davis

Sam Blum, CafeX

Amu Patel, Impact Vision

Shireen Yates, Nima

Marcelo Murachovsky, BovControl 

Rebecca Chesney, Institute For The Future

Carmelo Presicce, MIT Media Lab

Eric Sun, Bits X Bites

Matteo Vignoli, Future Food Institute

Greg Robinson, Ultraviolet
Loes Huisman, InStock

Dylan Bondy, Imperfect Produce

Daniel Kurzrock, ReGrained

Claire Schlemme, Renewal Mill

Mark Post, Maastricht University

Patrick Brown, Impossible food

Joseph Puglisi, Stanford University, Beyond Meat

Monica Martinez, Don Bugito

Rose Wang, Chirpschips

Aylon Stainhart, The Good Food Institute 

Coen Van Wagenberg, Wageningen University