My mission is to build international ecosystems to support human and economic growth, fostering life-changing innovation.


I am the US Director and Co-founder of Future Food Institute, an international NGO aiming to inspire and empower individuals, companies and communities to rethink our food system. I am a Research Scholar at UC Davis, building food system semantics to enable food care. I am an Advisory Board member at Maker Faire. I am part of the Expert Network at the World Economic Forum. I am Fundraising Coordinator for GrassRoots Hub, Ghana, an SDGs Innovation Lab created to support the local entrepreneurship.

In the last three yers I founded Feat, a company that aims to make wellness accessible and fun for organisations, offering easy-to-use APIs; with Future Food Institute, Google Food, the World Cocoa Foundation and the World Bank, I've been working on the development of Chocothon, a shared platform delivering awareness-raising activities to implement sustainable practices by beneficiaries for the cocoa sector. I have been working with the Barilla Center Food Nutrition Foundation on the development of a publication seeking to explore the potential for urban and peri-urban food systems to provide sustainable and healthy food for all (SDG number 2); I worked with the Institute For The Future to foresee future eaters needs and behaviours. Lastly, with Future Food Institute, I co-created a documentary featuring food innovators around the world, and I am working on the publication of a four-book-collection on the same topic.

In my free-time, I am  training for my first marathon, as well as writing about food and innovation on various international magazines such as The Spoon, Food Tank, Make:, World Economic Forum.